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Defining Services Like Funeral and Cremation in Holiday, FL

We’ve all heard the terms time and time again, but when it comes down to it, do you know the difference between different death care services such as a funeral and cremation in Holiday, FL? Here is a quick breakdown of what these different types of service options may include.

What is a Funeral?

A funeral service is a ceremony that honors a person who has died. It is held shortly after death occurs-- sometimes within just a few days. The remains of the deceased won’t be laid to rest until after the funeral service is complete. The presence of the casket, either open or closed, is a hallmark feature of a funeral. Full services might also include a funeral wake to allow grieving family, friends, and acquaintances an opportunity to pay their final respects. Bereavement experts often recommend funerals as a way to provide closure and promote healing.

What is a Memorial Service?

On the other hand, a memorial service is held without the deceased's body in attendance at the event. Remains in the form of cremated ashes could be present, though. The timeline of a memorial service can vary significantly for this reason. It may be held in a similar timeframe as a funeral service would be. Alternatively, it might be scheduled weeks (or months) into the future. Memorials tend to be slightly less formal than a funeral but are no less valuable in promoting healing and catharsis through this transitional time.

What is Cremation?

Cremation is not typically considered an ‘honoring service.’ However, that does not mean it is done without respect. The process of handling the deceased’s remains through cremation is done with great care and in compliance with local and federal laws and regulations. Because the cremation results in a permanent change, it is vital that the family is confident this is the course they wish to take.

The body is contained in a hard-sided, combustible receptacle before being secured in the cremation furnace chamber. Once the heat is ignited, the container and body are quickly engulfed in flames. After the flames are spent, the remaining bone fragments and elements are cooled and collected. More processing for a uniform texture results in the “ashes” given back to the family for final placement.

What Final Disposition Options Are Available?

Depending on how the body has been prepared for the final resting place, several options may be considered. A burial of some type will be needed if you are going with a casket or burial shroud. It can be good to know that there are choices when it comes to the type of cemetery or burial ground that is chosen. There are above and below-ground burial solutions that may be selected in most areas.

Cremated remains could also be buried above or below the earth. Other times the remains are enclosed in some type of urn, a memorial bench, or divided between multiple areas. Some wish for the final remains to be scattered in a most beloved natural setting or a cremation garden at a memorial park. Some very unique solutions have been thought of for the final placement of these remains.

Comparing the Costs of Services Such as a Funeral and Cremation in Holiday, FL

When it comes to the differing types of services, they can be customized and combined in various ways to create a goodbye that is most appropriate for your loved one. When you are working with your funeral director to design the service needs, it is a good idea to be upfront about your budget and the total costs involved. That way, you will have the ability to choose the services that will be most important to you for funeral and cremation in Holiday, FL.

Typically, the more services that are retained, the higher the end cost will be. For example, funerals tend to be more costly than cremations because of the many more hours and resources needed to prepare and carry out the events thoroughly. These services are truly worthwhile, but the director and staff are part of a for-profit business, so they cannot donate their time for these services. Don’t hesitate to ask questions to understand the pricing and what will be included.

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Funeral Home and Cremations FAQs

Can I participate in the cremation?

You can participate in the cremation. The extent to which you can participate though may vary from crematory to crematory depending on their facilities. if this is an issue for you or another family member, please speak with your funeral director.

If we choose cremation, does my loved one have to be embalmed?

No, but there are exceptions. If you want to have a viewing or visitation, it may be prudent to embalm your loved one, so they look their best for the event, so much so that the funeral home may require that you purchase the service. However, under the FTC's Funeral Rule, funeral homes cannot provide embalming services without your permission, and may not lead you to believe embalming is required by law. Learn more about the cremation process.

Can we put special items in their cremation casket?

Funeral homes do their best to accommodate the wishes of surviving family members. Most commonly, families will ask to place notes, children's drawings, or other personal messages of love; but it certainly had some unusual requests (such as the inclusion of a cherished pet's collar or treasured keepsake). It is recommended you speak with your funeral director to learn the regulations of the specific crematory responsible for your loved one's cremation. Learn more about Remembrance Suite.