What are the Differences Between Services Like a Funeral and Cremation in New Port Richey, FL?

The shock of losing someone you love to death can cause difficult decisions to be brought forward. Unfortunately, even in your vulnerable state, those decisions will need to be made, and some of them will need to be made rather quickly. To help you sort through the information, here is a quick overview of some common service types surrounding the topic of funeral and cremation in New Port Richey, FL.

What Can a Funeral Service Include?

A factor that sets funeral services apart from other death care services is that the deceased remains are a prominent feature of the service. Because of this, the funeral generally takes place within a fairly short time after death. The remains do not necessarily need to be publicly displayed for it to be a funeral service. The body may be shrouded or in a closed casket if that is deemed best. Funeral services may have a public viewing meeting before the funeral ceremony. If that occurs, the body will typically need to be embalmed.

How is a Memorial Service Different Than a Funeral?

Alternatively, a memorial service is held without the deceased remains being central to the event. If cremation has been completed, the ashen grains might be part of this service, though. Because the body does not need to be in attendance, a memorial could also have a more flexible timeline than a funeral typically does.

With the time-bound portion of the death care needs already handled, the memorial could be scheduled at a much later date if needed. However, if immediate burial or cremation has been handled, the memorial could happen right after that as well. This flexibility is attractive to many families and situations for various reasons. For example, if embalming and cremation are not wanted, the body should be buried right away.

What You Need to Know About Cremation

Cremation is an irreversible process that is considered a form of body disposition. All portions of a cremation will be handled with respect and in line with the applicable laws that govern this practice. The procedure utilizes a closed furnace chamber and extreme heat to reduce the deceased body through incineration. Cremation results in a total transformation of the departed to a small collection of a granular substance called ashes. These ashes mostly consist of tiny fragments of bone.

A Word on Final Disposition Solutions

Consumers have choices about where and how the final remains may be laid to rest. If a casket burial is chosen, there are various types of cemeteries and memorial parks that meet a wide range of preferences and needs. For the environmentally conscious, a natural or “green” cemetery might be a great solution. In addition, there are interment and entombment options for both above-ground and in-ground burials.

Cremated remains can have many options for the final resting place. Like casketed remains, they could be buried or entombed in or above the earth depending on what is wanted. They could also be scattered in a cremation garden or a natural setting where permits or permissions have been granted as necessary. Some families wish to keep the cremated remains close by and select an urn (or urns) for this purpose. Custom cremation jewelry is built with a compartment inside of accessories to hold a small portion of the ashes.

How to Discuss the Projected Costs of a Funeral and Cremation in New Port Richey, FL

Even before going into an arrangement conference, you can arm yourself with some basic knowledge of the going rates for funerary services in your area. A few calls or perusal on a website can give you an idea of a general price range. Be sure to ask what is included in these prices so that you are not unexpectedly hit with extra hidden fees or service charges. Be transparent with your budget constraints so that your funeral advisors can help you find the services that will meet your needs without adding additional stress.

Most generally, when it comes to costs for funeral and cremation in New Port Richey, FL, the more services you use, the higher your end cost will be. Each service is tied to the time and resources that will be required to complete it. Because funeral homes and crematories are not nonprofit establishments, this costs money. Be clear about your needs, and expect that same transparency from the provider you choose.

Call for More Information

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