What Is the Difference Between a Funeral and Cremation in Trinity, FL?

Before you fully begin making plans for final arrangements such as a funeral and cremation in Trinity, FL, it is a good idea to be sure you know what different services are available. Even though you’ve undoubtedly heard these terms, it can help to understand the distinctions and possibilities within the different service types. Here you will find the briefest of overviews. Remember that there are customization opportunities for your specific situation.

Funerals: From Basic to Full Service Traditional Affairs

Arranging a funeral can be designed for a full traditional service or non-traditional format. The biggest thing to remember when planning a funeral is that it will center around the deceased remains. The casket may be open or closed for the events. Most full services include a visitation with the family that is held before the actual funeral. It can be an opportunity for loved ones and friends to ‘say goodbye’ one more time. If the body is displayed, embalming will be necessary in most cases.

How a Memorial Can Meet Other Needs

There are times when holding a funeral right away or having the deceased’s remains on site for the services is not an option. In that case, a memorial service can be a fantastic alternative. That’s because memorials don’t center around the remains of the departed individual. Additionally, if cremation or immediate burial is a better solution for your circumstances, a memorial service can be held soon afterward.

If there are cremated remains that you would like to incorporate into a memorial service, that can be arranged. One way this might be done is to have a scattering service for the ashes as part of the commemorative event. In other cases, the cremains might be displayed in a funerary urn during the service. Memorials are like funerals in that they can provide a measure of comfort and closure for those who are grieving the loss.

Options with Cremation Services

Cremation is a process that permanently alters the state of the deceased remains through a controlled incineration procedure. It can be ordered as a stand-alone service, or it can be planned for in connection to other services (such as a funeral, memorial, or ash scattering service) if needed. A cremation cannot be performed until all applicable permits and mandated waiting periods are fulfilled. While these are being taken care of, the deceased's body will be held in cold storage.

Choosing a Final Resting Place

Depending on if a casket or cremation is the direction you are going for final disposition, some different solutions are available. Burial grounds such as a cemetery or memorial park often have some level, theme, or organization. This can range from natural burial grounds that allow for only biodegradable matter to be buried and prohibit embalmed bodies to establishments where there are very few requirements. Mausoleums and crypts can make above-ground burial a choice if that feels better to you.

If you are looking into the placement of cremated remains, the options for burial are also available at most cemeteries and memorial parks. Look for columbaria walls or houses if you would like to have the ashes housed in an above-ground niche. Scattering the ashes is a solution that works well for some families. Others may always decide to keep the remains nearby and encase them in a decorative urn designed for this purpose.

Ask Those Questions: Comparing Costs for Funeral and Cremation in Trinity, FL

Even if your deceased loved one has already been transferred to a funeral home, you have choices as a consumer. Early in the process, you will want to have a clear picture of the pricing that is attached to the available services. You can comparison shop over the phone or via the internet. If you have a dear friend or relative that is willing to do this for you, that can be a great help during this tender time of planning for services related to all things funeral and cremation in Trinity, FL.

Speaking generally, the more services you order, the higher the total cost of your package. For instance, a cremation procedure requires less time and resources from the director and staff, so it costs less than a full-service funeral package. Be sure that you ask what is included in the service packages and price points that are offered, so you are not surprised by extra fees or relevant merchandise needs.

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